Starting from: 31 470$
Building with straight walls and a monopitch roof.
This pod is the one that will offer the most space. It can be used all year round like all the other pods, and will meet the taste of those who are looking for a more modern design while keeping the qualities and the unique character of HabitatPOD homes.
*Also available in 14'.

Additional options

Custom kitchen and bathroom

Expansion of the living area

Roof extension

Addition and optimization of windows and doors

Various electrical inputs

Choice of flooring and roofing materials

Heating, ventilation as desired

Flashing and fireplace

Superior insulation of the plumbing

Customized design and quote

Benefits of HabitatPod Ready-to-Camp mini-homes
A solid and durable construction
Factory-made with quality materials, our HabitatPods offer impressive structural strength and insulating value for year-round comfort.
We will be able to design with the HabitatPOD that will best suit you while allowing you to enjoy your outdoor environment to the fullest. Our consultants are here to guide you.
Enjoy your POD all year round
Warm and clever, we can prepare your POD for year-round use and comfort.
A profitable investment
HabitatPOD products are the most economical in their class. Properly installed and maintained, they will have the durability of a normal home. Whether you are a homeowner or a vacation rental, a HabitatPOD product is one of the best investments you can make.
Your nature project starts here
Here are some examples of layout plans. All our pods are custom made to fit your needs!
Model 1
Other configurations
Plan of Contemporary pod 12' x 26' - Basic
Plan of Contemporary pod 12' x 20" - Fully equiped
Plan of Contemporary pod 12' x 26" - Complete
Plan of Contemporary pod 14' x 20' - Basic
Plan of Contemporary pod 14' x 26' - Complete with island and washing area