A concept recognized throughout the world. Warm and personalized, our HabitatPODS are suitable for resort managers as well as for individuals seeking the ultimate experience, while benefiting from a superior quality and durable product. The HabitatPODS are available in minimalist versions or in complete turnkey versions.

Don't pass by a HabitatPOD without trying it! The ultimate recreational housing concept: affordable, convenient, comfortable, sustainable and cost effective
A solid and durable construction
The vaulted wall design of our Pods is unique and offers many aesthetic and structural advantages to the building. The pods are ''monocoque'' and they benefit from a superior structural strength that allows for worry-free transportation and handling. This advantage is also reflected to counter the rigors of our northern winters. All our pods are manufactured in our factory under optimal conditions. Quality materials and components are used to provide the pods with comfort, ergonomics, longevity and efficiency.
Enjoy your HabitatPOD year-round
Our pods are now insulated with sprayed urethane for the walls and rigid urethane board under the floor. Superior insulation is available to protect the plumbing from freezing. This advantage will provide you with a comfortable POD in any season. Note that this process is worm-proof and gives you peace of mind regarding vermin and insects.
A profitable investment
HabitatPOD is quickly becoming a safe and profitable investment. The growing popularity of PODS makes them a sought-after product for which rental reservations are often made months in advance. When properly installed, a POD's lifespan is comparable to that of a home. The unique style of a POD is a perfect match for any "nature" concept and offers an exceptional experience for the whole family.
Customize your HabitatPOD
An innovative concept of proven accommodation that offers several basic models, which can be modified and adjusted to your needs. Many options are available: an enclosed room, a garden door, a kitchenette, a shower, a vanity, a toilet, a water heater, additions of lamps, decorative divisions, cooking hood, island counter, mezzanine, sliding door, etc. Patio and roofing are also available upon request. It's up to you whether your HabitatPOD is your personal hideaway or the meeting place for family and friends.
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