Choose the pod that's right for you and have it customized to your liking, for your family's needs, for even more nature, for your quick stops and for all the other escapes that await you. With HabitatPOD products, you'll have a great experience that will quickly become a great habit. Imagine it for yourself! We'll build it for you!
Expansion of the living area and/or extension of the roof
It is possible to enlarge your pod for the interior space as well as for the exterior awning above the gallery. This allows you to optimize the time spent outside, protected from bad weather, and also to create a transitional place to store skis, snowshoes, BBQ, etc. This concept is very much appreciated by users.
Optimized windows, it's up to you.
It is possible to modify the fenestration according to your needs. Whether it is for sunlight or simply to admire nature and make the most of your environment. Wider or higher windows, casement, awning or sliding doors, patio or garden doors, panoramic windows.
Additional utilities and/or divisions
Make your HabitatPOD hyper-functional by determining your electrical distribution. Think about the flashing and chimney for your fireplace. A cooking hood would be much appreciated.

You don't want a bedroom - OK! You want 2 - OK! 2 bedrooms plus a mezzanine - OK! 2 teenage rooms and 1 adult room - OK! Washer/dryer and a reading area - OK! You would need stylish pine storage on the pod - OK!

HabitatPOD - user-friendly, ergonomic, warm and more - tell us about it and we'll guide you.
Additions and/or modifications available
• Custom kitchen and bathroom
• Extension of the living space
• Extension of the roof
• Interior division
• Addition and optimization of windows and doors
• Various electrical entries
• Choice of floor and roof coverings
• Choice of heating and ventilation
• Flashing and chimney
• Superior insulation of the plumbing
• Mezzanine (for some models)
• Addition of an annex (for certain models)
• Custom design and estimate
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